Posted on Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 1:33 PM By clint in blah,blah,blah , photography
Last night Kacie and Adam had a lil party to celebrate Kacie's B-day.. So what happens when good friends get together?? well, we celebrate :) Since there was going to be photogs there I figured I better bring a camera to capture the night as well.. The men got together in the Kitchen and well we did what men do.. here's a link to a short clip!!

Happy Birthday Kacie... How old are you again? :) 

Here's a lil taste of last nights festivities.. FUN!! (all captured on a Leica d-lux4)


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Here's a lil taste of last nights festivities.. FUN!! (all captured on a Leica d-lux4)

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(01.13.13 @ 2:19AM)
clare Kemp said:

everybody loves a leica!

(12. 8.09 @ 1:29AM)
lindsey said:

what a fun party!!! love the shot of the pup, those ears are soooo cute! i want that chandelier by-the-by...

(12. 7.09 @ 9:16AM)
Dahnya said:

The cake looked delicious!
I love the picture of the birds eye view of the cake.

(12. 6.09 @ 2:26PM)
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Posted on Sunday, December 6, 2009 at 11:45 AM By clint in weddings
I got the honor of being able to shoot a friend of mine's wedding, but the cool thing is Blake's a fellow Photog himself :) I'll write more later when the full blog is up, but until then, here's a "lil quicky" from the wedding.. I can't wait to get the rest up!!

Have a great Sunday!!



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Great post! Thanks for information.

(03. 6.13 @ 2:49AM)
Carrie Mistich said:

seriously? This is awesome! Can't wait to see the rest of the goodness!

(12. 8.09 @ 10:16PM)
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Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 9:32 PM By clint in engagement
Oh my word... this is one for the books.. now, this is Dahnya and Fran second part of the sesh that just made me crack up the whole time.. we had a blast.. Now some of you might be thinking that I came up with this idea, but this is all them, and I love it!! what a way to end the night. Now to all my future clients... this is just one way to have fun. I'm not saying you have to be this crazy, but coming up with something fun for you sessions make it unforgettable.

Now the first pic is what we wanted to show what "not" to do with you sessions ;) 

Dahnya and Fran: This is what I'm talking about.. I loved hanging out and creating something that will last :)

You both rock!!!

Ok, now again, make sure you leave some comments and let us know what you think :)

Wow.... I know!! this couple rocks!!!

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Roxana Camou said:

Menos mal que las fotografias no se puede despintar, porque con tantas veces que las he visto... sigo sin saber cual es mi preferida, par de locos, los quiero mucho, debi de haberme supuesto un resultado asi de parecido, pero revazaron mis espectativas, Dios los Bendiga y sigan gozando sus planes de boda :)

(12.10.09 @ 6:05PM)
Jen! said:

Clint! Haven't been to your website in a while, thought I'd come by for a visit. I LOVE these paint fight photos! So fun!

(12.10.09 @ 9:34AM)
Antonio Garcia Shelly said:

Originales y buenisimas fotografias muchos besos para ti y saludos afectuosos a Frank

(12. 7.09 @ 12:09PM)
ivette said:

pandy muchisimas felicidades por las fotos estan suuuuuuper originales y padriiiiiiisimas.....bezzos y felicidades a los 2

(12. 3.09 @ 1:05PM)
Emily said:

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! Way too FUN!

(12. 3.09 @ 12:09PM)
clare Kemp said:

ps...i love his face in the 12th one down. lol

(12. 2.09 @ 1:36PM)
brooke schwab said:

messy. hope those jeans are cheap! very creative clint.

(12. 2.09 @ 11:42AM)
Vanessa said:

Awesome! Wish I would of thought of a food fight or cupcake fight!

(12. 2.09 @ 11:19AM)
lindsey said:

freakin' amazing!!!! love, love, love these!!!! you guys are so stinkin' cute!

(12. 2.09 @ 9:52AM)
Steph said:

wow, now that just craziness I love. Such a great couple.

(12. 2.09 @ 7:57AM)
Oscar Garcia said:

Best couple, and best pictures ever. The paint was an AWESOME idea hahaha! Im jealous!

(12. 2.09 @ 3:02AM)
Katie said:

best. photos. ever.

(12. 1.09 @ 11:24PM)
Rachel Perry said:


(12. 1.09 @ 11:10PM)
Aaron Tharpe said:

as the can says in the picture..."guaranteed results"

well done my good and faithful clint!

(12. 1.09 @ 10:59PM)
Dahnya said:

PS: Emily, I literally blinded Fran with love! Or in this case, purple paint.

(12. 1.09 @ 10:43PM)
Dahnya said:

CLINT! These are FANTASTIC! Looking at these brought it all back & all I can do is laugh, thank you, thank you, thank you! Just remember, for future paint clients, always bring a change of clothes...thanks for being such an awesome conspirator.

(12. 1.09 @ 10:41PM)
Suzie said:

Wow! These are so fun! I think they might be my favorites!!!

(12. 1.09 @ 10:30PM)
emily said:

one of the greats! sooooooooo FUN! ps. I think Dahnya took that paint war! You go girl!

(12. 1.09 @ 10:16PM)
clint said:

marco.. the answer is "why not" ;)

(12. 1.09 @ 10:11PM)
marco said:

why are they throwing paint

(12. 1.09 @ 10:08PM)
Clark Lara II said:

HOW!?!?! Awesome Clint!

(12. 1.09 @ 10:03PM)
camille said:

ok...these are amazing.
i especially like the contrast of the last 'messy' photo (above) against the first 'preppy' photo (below)--it's perfectly dahnya & fran!
great job capturing the beauty in these moments, clint!
if i ever get married, you're hired!

...camille, bridesmaid/part-time creep, full-time admirer!

(12. 1.09 @ 9:54PM)
Dianna said:

Craziness! So fun!

(12. 1.09 @ 9:50PM)
clare Kemp said:


(12. 1.09 @ 9:44PM)
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Posted on Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at 3:05 PM By clint in engagement
This one was a hard sesh to blog about.. So many great shots! Dahnya and Fran are an amazing couple who when together are nothing but laughs.. It's awesome, you can really see the love between the two.. I get the honor to play a small part in their lives, and I love that I get to capture "them" Now, this is going to be a 2 part blog entry... the first part is rad, but wait until you see part 2 ;)

Well lets get started.. Please make sure you leave a comment and let Dahnya and Fran and myself know what you think.. have fun!

Ok.. be looking for part 2 later today!!

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NEREYDA92 said:

me gusta como juegan y como la pasan el tiempo libre.

(05. 6.11 @ 3:26PM)
Roxana Camou said:

Si de escojer se trata, me encanta la cuarta donde esta Dahnya abrazada del cuello y Francis con su sonrisa todo picaro, me gusta mucho la frescura de la foto, ahora ya quiero ver las fotos del car wash :)

(12.10.09 @ 6:10PM)
Antonio Garcia Shelly said:

Queridisima sobrina, te ves guapisima y se ve que la pasan super bien juntos, que originales ideas tienen felicidadez y nos vemos en Junio

(12. 7.09 @ 12:12PM)
Alicia Hermosillo said:

Dahnya, These have to be one of the best photos i have ever seen. I loved them, especially the book store ones. Enrique and I have to take some, ASAP>

(12. 2.09 @ 9:58AM)
Katie said:

uuhhmmm... am i jealous? YES! can I marry you guys?!?!?!

(12. 1.09 @ 11:35PM)
Miriam Corella said:

Me encantaron, estan preciosas la fotos y sobre todo que se nota que las gozaron y se divitieron en grande , las de la biblioteca esta originalisimas, te mando un abrazo y felicitaciones para ti y Fran.

(12. 1.09 @ 10:53PM)
Claud said:

Agree with osk! These are beautiful sunny cheery photos! You two love birds are a couple of peas in a pod!

(12. 1.09 @ 10:13PM)
emily said:

soooooo cute! love them all! i love your shoes in the first couple pics! STYLE!

(12. 1.09 @ 9:42PM)
Matt Giampietro said:

Great photos! Perfect weather! Wonderful people!
-Also Little bro

(12. 1.09 @ 7:47PM)
MaMa and PaPa Giampietro said:

Fran and Dahnya, the photos are wonderful. I agree with Oscar the Library ones are special. We also really like the fourth one with the two of you embracing and also the one in the Menil Park. What a hard choice to make!!!

(12. 1.09 @ 7:20PM)
lindsey said:

p.s. yea for blue shoes in engagement photos! ;)

(12. 1.09 @ 4:16PM)
camille said:

beautiful photos of a beautiful couple!
the shot at half-price of fran peeking over is perfection.
is it weird that i want it to be my new desktop background??
with love.
camille, bridesmaid/creep.

(12. 1.09 @ 4:12PM)
lindsey said:

EEEKKKKKK!!!! Yea! these are fantastic! Dahnya and Fran look so cute!!! CANNOT WAIT to see part 2!!!

(12. 1.09 @ 4:12PM)
Oscar Garcia said:

The library shots are epic. You guys are too much, and i love you guys too much :)
Congrats on being so perfect, bring on the summer!!!!
-Little bro

(12. 1.09 @ 3:50PM)
Dahnya said:

YEA!!! Oh my gosh, I don't even know what to say my mind is a-whirling!

1. Fran and I cannot pull off the "serious" poses. But, you sure made us look good.
2. Is it wrong that my favorite picture is the kooky lady walking past us?! I loved it!
3. Ok, I lied my favorite is the one peering over the aisle. We're so cute.
4. I cannot wait to see part 2!!!!

Thank you so much Clint for making this such an amazing day!! I wish I could bring you with us.

(12. 1.09 @ 3:41PM)
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Posted on Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 11:52 AM By clint in bridals
This past weekend was filled with my last two weddings of the year... and it was an honor to start off the weekend with the wedding of my good friends Carrie and Blake. There wedding was amazing but I will leave that story for the post in the near future ;) This post is going to showcase Carrie's rock'n bridal sesh that we did last week. Carrie is an amazing person and we had a great time shooting.. She definitely brought it!!! We started over at Antidote coffee and made our way to a place I've been wanting to shoot at for a while, then we finished up over at Billy Reid in the Galleria. I love it when my Brides (in this case, friends) want to get really creative.. 

To Carrie and Blake: I was my honor to be apart of your wedding.. I really see Jesus in the both of you.. Keep lov'n hard and Keep rock'n ;) Blake, make sure you get a cover for your keypad so the droll doesn't ruin it ;)

Much love to the both of you!!

Let us know what you think by leaving some comments... Its easy ;)

More coming this week so stay tuned!!

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(05.11.13 @ 8:26AM)
Ilene Stewart said:

Absolutely gorgeous, fantastic pics, definitely helps to have such a gorgeous bride but even better to have such yet another brilliant photographer, love you too Blake!. Fantastic work!

(03.12.10 @ 5:01PM)
Megan Guillen said:

You look like a model! Love the dark one under the freeway! Very nice work :)

(12. 3.09 @ 2:25PM)
Nicole Hubbard said:

Love these! That store made a fantastic setting! Beautiful!

(11.24.09 @ 1:08AM)
clare said:

Great shoot! We had lots of fun because carrie is fun! :)

(11.23.09 @ 11:07AM)
Mariann said:

lovely bride and i love the pictures. beautiful and not the same old new and interesting.

(11.23.09 @ 8:50AM)
Dahnya said:

Billy Reid, what a great idea! It's hard to believe they sell things there...the bride looks amazing!

(11.22.09 @ 9:07PM)
Beth said:

Love it

(11.22.09 @ 5:33PM)
emily said:

beautiful girl! love the field wheat grass pics!

(11.22.09 @ 3:56PM)
Blake Mistich said:

Are you freakin kidding me! Brother these are unbelievable! You are going to have people asking me the rest of my life "Dude, how did you get her?" These are everything I could have ever wanted. You captured all my favorite essences about Carrie. Great job man, thank you so much! I love the one with the deer above her, may have to get a big print for the house.

(11.22.09 @ 3:31PM)
Toby said:

Action packed full of POW....

(11.22.09 @ 3:01PM)
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