Posted on Sunday, August 30, 2009 at 8:52 PM By clint in engagement
This weekend I didn't have any weddings but I did have two amazing e-sesh's... The first up is the rock'n Marissa+Kirk. I drove out to Ft. Worth to meet them but as I was driving up I had a nice lil old blow out on the highway.. Kinda set us back a couple of hours, but we managed ;) Marissa and Kirk are tying the knot up in Keystone Co and I can't wait to see what we come up for their amazing wedding.. 

Here's a quicky from saturdays shoot... and oh my, is it rock'n..

Second up is Van+Denny.. we met up and had a drink tonight before heading out and rock'n out their e-sesh.. Their wedding is coming up pretty quickly (Oct).. We will be rock'n out the Hotel Derek, and leaving a legacy behind :) One thing I have to say is that Van has a lil sass ;) Her and Denny are some amazing people and I can't wait for their rock'n wedding... but first is one shot that made me smile... get ready to be baffled ;)

lot's more coming.. so leave some love notes and let me know what you think ;)

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Eric said:

You da man! First shot kicks butt!

(09.28.09 @ 9:10PM)
Adam Nyholt said:

First shot is killer! Very nice!

(09.28.09 @ 12:21PM)
jessica zapatero said:

excellent picture, very edgy.

(09. 2.09 @ 9:00PM)
clint said:

ok so didnt see this part before i commented the other blog. haha...but yeah...these both rule.

(08.31.09 @ 10:45PM)
Ashley K said:

Whoa! Number one is a surefire competition winner... you should submit! That is AMAZING.

(08.31.09 @ 6:57PM)
Clark Lara II said:

Killer, killer, killer, I really dig that first shot, got to admit it makes me a little jealous. Great job!!

(08.31.09 @ 6:07PM)
Justin Clement said:

That's some really cool shot's!! Great Work!!

(08.31.09 @ 10:12AM)
Nicole Hubbard said:

Love the top pic! So cool...

(08.30.09 @ 10:22PM)
Michael said:

Wicked shot man!! Very nice work!

(08.30.09 @ 10:15PM)
joe cogliandro said:

uber dig the first shot.

(08.30.09 @ 9:16PM)
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Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 10:07 PM By clint in engagement
Wow.. I just got done with one amazing esesh... Kim and Justin rock!! Tonight was the first time meeting each other.. I wasn't able to shoot their wedding out in Louisiana because I was already booked on their date, but I'm honored to be able to shoot their esesh and Kim's bridals.. soooo, here's a lil quicky for your brain to munch on.. ;)

Kim and Justin.. I had a great time tonight.. I really see a awesome love between you two. Keep rock'n!!


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Kizi 100 said:

Many thanks for sharing this, I will share with you their references. Many thanks.

(07. 1.14 @ 1:28AM)
Kim said:

Cant wait to see the rest! You made our shoot so enjoyable and fun we would never hesitate to do it again, so for the future.... stay w/in a 2 hour radius of Lake Charles! LOL Oh and dont forget that you have one amazing bridal sesh to rock out so... stay refreshed, wether it be with "quad-shots" or shut eye! ;)

(08.29.09 @ 10:42PM)
clare said:

this could be one of my faves.

(08.29.09 @ 2:44PM)
Emily said:

Glad to see you back blogging! Love this picture!

(08.29.09 @ 10:13AM)
Nicole said:

You are totally doing my pictures if I ever get married...

(08.28.09 @ 3:16PM)
jcogliandro said:

digging the dude.. couple looks good too. :)

(08.28.09 @ 11:11AM)
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Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2009 at 1:31 PM By clint in bridals
Ahhh, it feels good to blog again ;) This is Aimee. and this is her rock'n bridal sesh that we did over at Hotel Derek. I'm really excited about their wedding coming up next week at the Hotel Derek. Aimee and Jordan are some of the coolest people, and their wedding is going to be off the chain... Boom, I said it!! anyways here's what we came up with.

get ready!!

leave a lil lov'n and let me know what you think..

see ya soon


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clare said:

yep! i like the book reading one too. :)

(08.27.09 @ 4:37PM)
Blake said:

Dude, I like these so much! like the ones standing on the couch reading the book

(08.27.09 @ 4:08PM)
Lauren said:

FINALLY! Ive been waiting! They look great :-)
Keep on rockin!

(08.27.09 @ 3:35PM)
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Posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2009 at 10:33 PM By clint in news , photography
Today was one long day.. 9hrs and not sure how many minutes, its done.. Clare and I totally went through all the photos and stripped them from the site and then added all new photos.. it was a chore but completely worth it.. so take your lil butt over to and check it!! ;)

more pics on the blog coming soon..

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clare said:

i think there's gonna be a sprinkles/crave brawl.

(08. 6.09 @ 2:03PM)
VicDick said:

Clint.... SPRINKLES takes the cake- remember that!

(08. 5.09 @ 12:01PM)
Mary Dickson said:

Clint and Clare, the site is amazing!!! So much talent in one place! But you got one thing wrong.....i think clint is addicted to berripop and Crave CUPCAKES!!!!
Love y'all!

(08. 5.09 @ 7:44AM)
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Posted on Friday, July 31, 2009 at 5:38 PM By clint in engagement
This is Vanessa and Hugo.. I get the honor to capture the story in Oct, and I can't wait.. They are amazing people and so easy to get along with, and well, a lil crazy ;) that's why we fit so perfectly!! We met up over at the Poison Girl the place where they met and the fire was ignited ;) If you have never been to poison girl your missing out on a very unique spot on westheimer.. We started out with a drink (always to relax my couples) and then we rock'd out some very unique shots!! I loved working with Vanessa and Hugo.. so laid back and fun to be around.. it was an awesome evening.. so, without making you wait any longer here is Vanessa+Hugo muy bien..

Now, I'm not going to lie.. I love it when people leave comments about my couple and the art that we created.. so go ahead and click the button and leave some blog love ;)

have a great weekend

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(03. 2.13 @ 7:43AM)
fer juaristi said:

love this e.session, crazy tones + amazing couple!

(08. 6.09 @ 11:11AM)
brett said:

this is my buddy hugo from church! he's a rock star. kind of like you are with these pictures. increible!

(08. 5.09 @ 12:59PM)
Dahnya said:

Best picture: hat, dip, roof scene. Muy caliente.
Ps. I heart regular updates!!! :)

(08. 3.09 @ 7:17PM)
Loan Phan said:

Love, love your artistic photos. I would like to hire you to do a session for me and my fiance. Vanessa is my friend, and I love your pictures.

(08. 3.09 @ 5:45PM)
Jamie Jones said:

These pics are awesome and you can literally feel the love in them!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

(08. 2.09 @ 9:22PM)
Lanette Maldonado said:

They all look good, my favorite one is, where you are wearing all white. I need a photo to have here at home, the one, when you have the hat on. Honey that is you. Looks like you both had such a good, and time, and are so in LOVE.... luv mom n dad

(08. 1.09 @ 8:28AM)
Ashley K said:

Clint... you are seriously rockin' it these days... I am really loving what I'm seeing! Bring it!!!

(07.31.09 @ 10:46PM)
Aura said:

The best yet!!

(07.31.09 @ 8:33PM)
Linda said:

Another great job!!

(07.31.09 @ 7:53PM)
nacho libre said:

tonight it's especially delicious

(07.31.09 @ 6:55PM)
Adam Nyholt said:

#8 is awesome! And #13.... PIMP!!! Great work, Clint.

(07.31.09 @ 6:22PM)
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